My activity as freelance consultant began in 1997 as a natural evolution of my professional experience gained since 1981, initially as a clinical engineer in a public hospital, then as a manager of private companies and research institutes in the biomedical field.

Over more than twenty five years as a freelancer, I provided design and advisory services to public healthcare facilities, private companies in the biomedical sector, leading research institutions and prestigious international organizations involved in important projects in the health care field.

Main activities concern the design of the technological component of new health facilities, the development of investment plans, the preparation of technical specifications for the procurement of equipment and services, the development of procedures for testing and acceptance of medical devices, the functional design of healthcare facilities, the definition of the medical technology component in project finance initiatives, the design of solutions for advanced automation in hospitals.

During my professional career, my activities have always been based on reliability and accuracy,  together with a specific care to establishing open and collaborative human relationships. Thank you to all the people, colleagues and customers, who make my life positive in so many ways.


Paolo Giribona Dr. Eng. - Medical Equipment Specialist

Strada del Friuli 186/2 - I34136 Trieste, Italy